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The walls have ears - hook

2000 SEK

“something you say to warn someone that it is not safe to speak at that particular time because other people might be listening”

The walls have ears - hook is made in a limited edition of two, casted in bronze by the designer.


The shop will initially contain only a small collection of carefully selected items that over time will grow into a bigger assortment. New products will only be added to the collection if they contribute and actually have something to say. The assortment will change over time and products could disappear so if you find something you like, don't wait too long before placing your order!

All items in the collection are born out of a desire, from the designer, to feel free without constraints while exploring materials and manufacturing techniques in order to be able to push the boundaries of a product's final appearance. All products are produced in the studio or nearby in one offs or smaller editions designed for contract and domestic use (in/outdoor). Place your order here or approach the designer directly for special requests: info@kajsawillner.com

The hallmark for KAJSA WILLNER | COLLECTION is to dare, to explore and to experiment and in a playful way challenge the preconception of what design is and should be. Why? Because Kajsa strives to constantly continue to surprise, amaze and make people happy by giving them unique design experiences.